Monday, May 19, 2008

i ♥ new music; part i

there are few thing i love so much as getting new music. if i've gotten jazzed up about it from a mix-tape (or one of these new-fangle muxtapes) or from a myspace page or on the radio aor even if i haven't actually heard it but heard something by someone else who likes it and has name-dropped it or if a band opened or was supported my another band and i haven't checked out that band or heard of them and this goes on for a while. i'll stop.

i found a copy of 'loose in the air' by the double in a used bin at sonic boom last summer, and i've never heard the double, but i bought it because of this:

"y'all catch the double? did you catch the double? they're going to be in stadiums this time next year, so i hope you caught the double. they're really fucking awesome, it's good to have them."

this is john darnielle at a tmg gig in san francisco in 2005. the double was not on the bootleg, but this snippet remained in my head until i was sifting through used records. now jd is undeniably catholic in his music taste, and while i can't honestly say i've enjoyed all the bands i've heard him enthuse about, i will certainly give due consideration to his recommendations. which is why i bought it.
and y'know what? it's really pretty good. very slanted and enchanted, if you know what i mean. shimmery geetars and yelping vocals bouncing off the walls with the occasional falsetto on 'idiocy'  sound like the pretty bouncing baby bastard resulting from a rough drunken night involving stephen malkmus and graeme downes.
but i don't like kimya dawson, i'm sorry, john, i don't.
maybe i'll write about barbara morgenstern sometime, she's another positive tmg-discovery.

i'm getting off-track.
today my eagerly-awaited package from dark beloved cloud arrived with sixteen new records in it!!!!
omg, i totally hyper-ventilated.
if you don't know dbc, and you are actually reading this blog,well brother get on it. it's a little indie label formerly of the big apple and now residing in verdant portland, oh-are. almost everything i've been listening to for the past several years is less than six degrees of seperation from dbc's catalogue: robert scott, franklin bruno, barbara manning, the cannanes, chris fucking knox, even. it's one of the only places you can even get ahold of records by the magick heads, a scott project with jane sinnott. i even found a copy of the clean's 1994 'late last night' 7" which is (a-side) brutally rocking, and (b-side) absolutely ridiculous. the clean are working on a new album, but haven't locked in distro yet (from what i've heard, and neither have the bats) which is a disgrace. someone should be paying them a shit-ton of money right now to do whatever they want. because they're one of the best bands ever.
so i haven't evn scratched the surface yet on this new shipment, but i had to drop down this blog after hearing the 3" mini-cd ep by the cannanes, 'grassy flat.'
it's simply gorgeous.
in a mailtruck somewhere between seattle and arizona is a split 7" with boyracer and the cannanes, and now i'm so stoked for it. like more than i wa last week when i orered it from stewart anderson. who you should check out. his band boyracer has existed in one form or another forever, and now he's rocking on solar power in the southwest. i first heard boyracer when the lucksmiths covered 'i've got it (and it's not worth having)'. stewart and jen put out small-batches of 7"s and he lamented recently that they languish in storage. so if you're reading this, go buy some of them. it's pure diy punk rock like the type oldsters-in-the-making like me grew up on: rough and ready with a sensitive side.
so i'm going to sign off now and listen to more of this awesome new music.

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